Could Invisalign Help Me?

Could Invisalign Help Me?

The answer to the question “Could Invisalign Help Me?” is dependent on various factors. However, based on the people our dentists, Dr. Kirk Wilkie, Dr. Vic Turner, and Dr. Joey Pesicek, see here at Cary Implant and General Dentistry in Cary, NC, most of them are ideal candidates for Invisalign treatment.

Who’s an Ideal Candidate for Invisalign Treatment?

In a nutshell, Invisalign is suitable for teenagers and adults looking to get a straighter and more radiant smile minus the visibility of conventional orthodontic treatment. If you want to correct minor gaps, slightly overlapping, relatively crooked teeth, and mild to moderate misalignment, Invisalign might work for you. Worn diligently for the recommended 22 hours daily, Invisalign will certainly give you a straighter smile along with the convenience of invisibility and removability.

To determine whether you’re eligible for Invisalign treatment, it’s best to consult your dentist in Cary, NC. You can likewise discuss other treatments that may be appropriate for your personal requirements. Unfortunately, Invisalign isn’t suitable for everyone.

Who May Not Be Ideal Candidates for Invisalign?

Take kids, for instance. Because they’re bodies, which include their teeth and jaws, are still growing, this should be taken into account and how it will affect treatment. Most younger kids are likewise more susceptible to losing things and may not be too keen on wearing the aligners for 22 hours every single day.

Invisalign likewise can’t correct severely rotated or crooked teeth because it can’t provide the proper amount of force required for making massive adjustments.

If You Need More Details on Invisalign and Want to See If You Can Benefit from It, Contact Us

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