Quality Dental Implants in Cary

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental Implants in Cary, NCIf you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, you probably understand the difficulties surrounding the situation. Not only do speaking and chewing become more difficult, but for many people, broken teeth lead to changes in face shape and a reluctance to smile that creates self-confidence problems. You don’t have to suffer. Implant & General Dentistry provides high-quality and long-lasting dental implants to patients in and around Cary. Implants include several components. First, your implant dentist will insert metal posts into your gums. Once they have healed, small screws, known as abutments, are attached to the posts. These screws hold the false tooth or teeth in place.

Dental implants provide many physical and mental health benefits once installed. Most importantly, they restore function to the mouth. With a full set of teeth, you can speak more clearly and chew more thoroughly. You will probably also feel a boost in confidence as your face shape returns to its former position and your smile becomes wider and looks natural and full. Unlike dentures, which need to be adjusted to remain effective, implants are a permanent solution that fuses with the rest of your mouth. Because they replace your tooth’s root, they prevent shrinkage in your gums or jawbone. Finally, if you still have natural teeth in your mouth, implants will protect them by keeping them from sliding around like they would if you didn’t fill in the spaces between them.

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